“When You Need a Lift”
Kodiak Crane & Rigging Rental Services Company
We offer a wide range of “Top of the Line” equipment and services. Our crane rental equipment comes with not only the equipment, but with highly qualified and experienced operators as well.
No job to big or small, when you need a lift, give us a call"
Our Hydraulic Cranes are mobile and offer a perfect solution for customers who need materials moved fast and easy. From loading and unloading trucks, to moving materials from the road up and into the jobsite, to dismantling, and much more. They are rated and made to lift from ?? to ?? tons, will extend from ??? ft. to ??? ft., and need only a ?? x ?? ft. area for set up. When you need to make a hard job quick and easy, go with Kodiak Crane & Rigging Services Hydraulic Cranes.
Kodiak Crane & Rigging Services Boom Trucks are perfect for smaller jobs where you need a lighter load capacity or materials moved from one place to another. They can carry from ?? to ?? tons from point A to B, can hoist from ?? to ?? tons to a distance from ?? to ?? ft., and will lift a load and deliver it up to ?? ft. high. When you need a quick move or lift, try Kodiak Crane & Rigging Services Boom Trucks.
“These toys are for big boys”. When the going is tough, the tough keep get going; and that is exactly what Kodiak Crane & Rigging Service’s All-Terrain Cranes do. When you need a crane that will lift up to 100 tons, fully extent up to ?? Ft., and lift a load up to ??? ft. high, with only a ??? to ??? ft. area needed to set up, Kodiak Crane & Rigging Service’s All-Terrain Cranes are the perfect solution for you.
In the construction industry most contractors will find themselves in a place where they need a lift from day to day. Rough Terrain Cranes are the perfect solution. From ?? to ?? tons, why buy when you can rent? Kodiak Crane & Rigging Services Rough Terrain Cranes may be just what you’re looking for.
When you need a lift down the highway, Kodiak Crane & Rigging Services Heavy Haul Service has the solution for you. From Steel to wood, from machines to equipment, you tell us what you need and we will make it happen.
It’s easy to see why Kodiak Crane & Rigging Rental Service Company has been a leader in the industry for over 30 years
 “There’s no job to big or small, when you need a lift, give us a call.”
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