Owner’s Story
Kodiak Crane & Rigging of Alaska Rental services, Inc., We have been involved in the construction industry for over 40 years. We began working as a labourer back in the 1974, at Pacific State Steel, which was located in Union City, California. At that time, we didn't know exactly what we wanted to be when we grew up. But, it wasn't long before we figured that one out.

Within the first month at Pacific Steel, we had been noticing a high turn-over rate with employees. Of course, we were still there, and we figured there must be a reason for that. As a confident young women, we wanted to learn more about a lot of things, and we weren't afraid to say so. One of the things we wanted to learn was how to run those great big overhead cranes. So, we asked our supervisor about it and he said “Come in early tomorrow and we’ll give you a shot at it”.

The next day we came in to work early, as the supervisor had requested. He walked up to the crane, he put me in the seat and explained how it all worked; and, then he said, “Now let’s see how you do”. At the end of the day that same supervisor said to me “LADY, you’re a natural, you’ve got the job”. Then of course, I had to join the union and acquire my journeymen’s card, which we quickly did.

Not long after we had acquired our journeys card, and settled in at Pacific Steel, they shut down and closed their doors. A short time after that the union sent us out to the Todd Shipyard in Alameda, California, where were to be running rough terrain cranes. Within a few months at the Todd Shipyard we had advanced to supervisor; and, we later found myself as the lead-person of the entire operation. Its a Women Minority owned business.

Being a young lady, as well as a highly qualified crane operator, we felt the need to follow the money. And, the opportunity came, one that we could not ignore. It was an offer to go to work at Shell, in Martinez California, for a general contractor by the name of Fluor. We took the job, and out of 160 crane operators, we ended up as one of the top forty that got a lot of overtime work. One day an older operator approached me and said to me “LADY, you have talent, you should start your own company”. So, in the early part of 1984, WE bought our first crane, a P&H 25 ton Omega; and, Kodiak Crane & Rigging of Alaska Rental Services, Inc. was born. Its a Women Minority owned business.

Now, KodiaK Crane & Rigging of Alaska has been in business for over 30 years with an excellent safety record. How do we feel about this? All of these years in business and we still love getting up and going to work every morning. We love this business, our customers, and even the opportunity to take on those challenging jobs. We now have the best equipment, expert crane operators, and an administrative staff who are second to none. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Or, call for a quote: (925)788-4848

We would like to thank you for visiting our site. And remember, “There is no job to big or small, when you need a lift, give us a call”. We look forward to doing business with you.Its a Women Minority owned business.
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Its a Women Minority owned business.